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Goal Management Training™ Toolkit

Goal Management Training™ Toolkit

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The GMT toolkit includes:

  • The GMT Trainer’s Manual, including the script and notes to guide the trainer through the slides and activities of the program and a QR code/links to digital GMT content, including:

    • Slides for GMT administration

    • Printable materials for in-session tasks

    • Audio-guided mindfulness exercises

    • Questionnaires for evaluating outcomes

    • QR code/links for access to digital GMT content

  • 10 GMT workbooks for participants to follow the content of each session and make notes, including:

    • Worksheets for both in-session and between-session assignments 

    • A QR code / links to audio-guided mindfulness exercises

    • Glossary of terms

  • A 1-year subscription to the GMT Therapist Community, including:

    • A forum for interacting with other therapists and GMT experts

    • Ongoing access to learning, discounts, and exclusive new content including new Complex Tasks

    • The option to be listed on our website as a certified GMT Therapist 

Note: A workbook is required for each GMT participant. Additional workbooks can be purchased in quantities of 1, 10, or 20.

Administration of GMT requires completion of either a previous live Train-the-Trainer workshop or the Therapist Training e-learning course (launched December 2022). For more information or access to the Therapist Training click here.  


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