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Goal Management Training™ Toolkit

Goal Management Training™ Toolkit

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Goal Management Training toolkit
The GMT toolkit includes the Trainer’s manual, 10  workbooks, a QR code containing the slides, mindfulness recordings, and questionnaires useful for evaluating outcome, a timer, and materials for the in-session GMT activities.
Use of the GMT Toolkit requires completion of either a previous live Train-the-Trainer workshop or the Therapist Training elearning course (launched December 2022). For more info or access to the Therapist Training click here.  

GMT Leader Manual
The GMT Trainer's manual contains the script and notes to guide the trainer through the slides and activities of the program.

GMT Participant Workbook
The GMT participant workbook allows participants to follow the content of each session and to make notes. It includes worksheets for both in-session and between-session assignments and a glossary of terms. Each workbook comes with a QR code containing audio-guided mindfulness exercises.

A workbook is required for each GMT Participant. These cannot be re-used.


Note: Purchase of this kit includes a free 1-year subscription to the GMT Therapist Community on the Learnworlds website. The GMT Therapist Community provides a forum for interacting with other therapists and GMT experts, ongoing access to learning, discounts, exclusive new content including new complex tasks, and the option to be listed on our website as a certified GMT Therapist. 

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