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Memory and Aging Program – Toolkit (2nd edition)

Memory and Aging Program – Toolkit (2nd edition)

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For Health Professionals 

The Memory and Aging Program kit contains everything a competent leader needs to deliver the program, including a leader’s manual, a clinical guide, 15 participant workbooks, and a CD containing presentation slides and program evaluation tools.


Clinical Guide (2017)

The Memory and Aging Program clinical guide provides background information and literature review for program facilitators, covering the major content areas and clinical processes relevant to the Memory and Aging Program.


Leader’s Manual (2nd edition, 2023)

The Memory and Aging Program leader’s manual includes process and background information, session-by-session content, and tools to assess program outcomes. The manual provides sufficient information to prepare competent leaders to deliver the program independently.


Participant Workbooks (2nd edition, 2023)

The Memory and Aging Program participant workbooks include information about the science of memory, memory strategies, and application exercises to help participants gain a new understanding of how memory works and tools to better manage their memory function.


Digital Downloads (2nd edition, 2023)

Purchasers of this product receive access to a digital repository of program slides and program evaluation tools, including a memory knowledge quiz, goal attainment measures, and participant feedback forms.


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