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Memory Link Handbook

Memory Link Handbook

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About the Memory Link Handbook

The Memory Link Handbook is a clinical manual for implementing the Memory Link method of memory rehabilitation, which is appropriate for individuals with non-progressive moderate-to-severe memory impairment. The manual was designed to be used by clinicians working with memory impaired individuals; however, lay individuals dealing with the consequences of memory impairment in a family member may also find it useful.

The Memory Link Handbook is the first comprehensive memory rehabilitation package to be made available for this group of individuals, based on years of learning and memory research. The focus is on teaching procedurally-based skills, or abilities that can be broken down into steps. Although this method can be applied to learning a variety of skills, focusing on mobile applications allows for the eventual reliance on effective compensatory memory strategies.

The book is organized into four main sections:

I. The nature of memory and memory dysfunction

II. Training – a detailed guide on how to apply the Memory Link method for learning new skills

III. Supportive groups

IV. Memory Link success stories


Resources for Memory Link Training

If you have purchased the Memory Link Handbook and are interested in resources for learning the Memory Link Method, including training videos and record forms, please contact Dr. Brandon Vasquez at

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