Memory and Aging Program™ Products

About the program

The Memory and Aging Program is an evidence-based psycho-educational memory intervention program aimed at community-dwelling older adults experiencing normal age-related memory changes. 

Outcomes for program participants include:

  • Increased knowledge of memory, factors affecting memory, and memory strategies
  • Larger “toolbox” of memory strategies to apply to everyday memory situations
  • Increased satisfaction with memory ability and sense of “normalization”
  • Implementation of lifestyle practices that support positive brain health
  • Attainment of self-identified goals

The Memory and Aging Program has undergone evaluative studies published in peer-reviewed journals, including:

Vandermorris, S., Davidson, S., Au, A., Sue, J., Fallah, S., & Troyer, A. K. (2017). “Accepting where I’m at” - A qualitative study of the mechanisms, benefits, and impact of a behavioural memory intervention for community-dwelling older adults. Aging and Mental Health.

Wiegand, M. A., Troyer, A. K., Gojmerac, C., & Murphy, K. J. (2013). Facilitating change in health-related behaviours and intentions: A randomized controlled trial of a multidimensional memory program for older adults. Aging and Mental Health, 17, 806-815.

Troyer, A. K. (2001). Improving memory knowledge, satisfaction, and functioning via an education and intervention program for older adults. Aging, Neuropsychology, and Cognition, 8, 256-268.


About the materials

The Memory and Aging Program™ kit contains everything a qualified leader needs to deliver the program, including a leader’s manual, a clinical guide, 15 participant workbooks, and a CD containing presentation slides and program evaluation tools.  The Memory and Aging Program™ participant workbooks are also available separately. One copy of the participant workbook is required for each participant in the Memory and Aging Program.

Note: The Memory and Aging ProgramTM Train-the-Trainer workshop is available to licensed health care providers. The workshop provides background information in processes and theory of memory intervention and normal aging, as well as hands-on practice in leading the training activities.

For more information about the Memory and Aging Program and Train-the-Trainer workshops, please visit