Collection: Memory Link® Program Products

About the program

Memory Link® is an evidence-based memory intervention program intended for adults (20 to 85+ years) with moderate to severe memory problems related to a neurological event or process causing damage to memory structures in the brain. The program offers individual intervention sessions in the use of commercial technologies and software (e.g., smartphones, tablets) geared toward improving day-to-day memory functioning and independence. Other memory strategies may be covered as appropriate. A psychoeducational support group is also available to individuals, as well as a spousal support group for family members.

Outcomes for program participants include:

  • Mastery of procedural skills, such as the use of mobile applications
  • Improved functional memory day-to-day
  • Increased confidence in remembering to complete future intentions
  • Decreased caregiver strain


Memory Link® has undergone evaluative studies published in peer-reviewed journals, including:

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